SamPhoto1-11-15rs Samuel E. Muñoz
 Postdoctoral Scholar
 Department of Geology & Geophysics
 Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
 Office Phone: +1 508 289 3422
 Twitter: @paleoMunoz

I am a broadly trained Earth system scientist interested in the history of, and connections between, the climate system, land surface, coastal ocean, and human societies. My work is interdisciplinary, and draws on data derived from sedimentary archives, historical observations, and Earth system models to understand the impacts of climate change on terrestrial, aquatic, and marine systems, and how these changes affect societal well-being. A significant component of my current research focuses on improving societal preparedness and response to hydroclimatic extremes, particularly flooding in heavily urbanized and industrialized areas.

In September 2017, I will be joining the Department of Marine & Environmental Science, with a cross-appointment in the Department Civil & Environmental Engineering, at Northeastern University as an Assistant Professor.